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I was born in a place of blue skies — some of the bluest blue you’ve ever seen, with greens that kept their green, even into Autumn. I was young when I left, and now I find myself wandering, basking in the sum total of an uncounted number of small decisions and works of Providence.

I have been exploring lately.

At first, I thought I was merely exploring the land. Now I see that I’ve been exploring myself all the while — what I’m capable of, what I really want, what drives me in this current existence on planet Earth. Though these explorations, I have been stretched in the most wonderful of ways. And now I realize what travel truly is: the best catalyst for growth in the human experience.

Through my many harrowing adventures, I’ve realized a purpose of mine: to be a shot-in-the-arm for you to explore our magnificent world while you still can, and I use this website to further that goal. Byteful™ means to be abundant in binary expression, so Byteful Travel literally means to be abundant in adventures and the sharing of the growth experiences that result. Welcome to Byteful Travel. :)


Aloha! I’m Andrew Crusoe. You may know me from such places as: the author behind the Epic of Aravinda SF Adventure book series, part-time goof-off on Twitter, the co-host of a certain semi-secret comedy podcast, the guy who finally solved the h.264 Quicktime export bug, or the guy who cooked you dinner after you hosted him on Couchsurfing.org. What you may not know is that I am in the midst of expanding my comfort zone beyond the limits of the known galaxy as part of a not-so-secret mission to affect as many people as I can in the short time I’ve been allotted.

I’m a travelling, writing, photographing, net-diving, trailblazing kind of guy, and what I love about travel is that it continually blows my expectations out of the water, pushing me to grow in ways I often can’t predict.

When studying design in college, I never realized that my greatest growth lessons were yet to come (or how helpful my writing teachers would prove themselves to be). And just two days after my final day of college, I embarked on a 170+ day solo journey to the Pacific Coast and back that I undertook using only public transportation, rideshare, and hitchhiking. Since that first longterm quest, I’ve embarked on more quests, always growing tremendously through the difficulties (as well as rewards) that I encounter. These experiences transform me for the better, and I know travel can do that same for you.

The Mission

To inspire you stretch your comfort zone until it rips. To take smart risks and explore places you’ve never dreamed of, before it’s too late. To reveal hidden gems hiding in plain sight. To fully embrace the heartbreakingly beautiful truth: that we are miracles walking amongst miracles, an inseparable thread in an exquisite tapestry of life.

A Part of a Whole

This blog is one part of Byteful Travel™ which includes:

Ever Growing…

The Byteful Gallery’s main feature is a growing library of hundreds of photos available in sizes up to 2.7 megapixels (1920×1440) released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. Rarely do private galleries give public access to downloadable photos that are so large — much less allow private use of these photos as long as the Creative Commons license is followed — but I believe that when provided quality content, completely free of charge, you will spread the word about Byteful Travel in a positive way. If you want to give back, feel free to checkout my Amazon Wishlist, and of course donations are always very much appreciated and go to further my travel explorations and the hosting costs of this site!

The Byteful Travel Inventory

Travel Inventory section previewAs a frequent traveller, I’ve learned that what you decide to bring along with you can have a profound impact on your enjoyment of the trip. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way and have shared what I’ve learned on this site.

To make it easier for you to find some of the essential travel gear that I use, I’ve taken the time and created a special “What I Bring on Every Trip” section over at the Byteful Shop that contains the main specialty items that I use on my travels. (The rest are basics like duct tape that you can get anywhere.)

As you can see, I’ve written a short description under each item to explain why each one is so incredibly useful. After using these products for years now, I’m excited to share the results of so much trial and error.

Checkout “What I Bring on Every Trip” —>

To learn how to create your own personal travel inventory and hone in on the best possible packing list for you, checkout How to Design your Own Travel Inventory.

Recommended Places to Explore

First of all, the places I recommend most highly are already listed in the Conscious Creator Directory which contains a list of sites created by some Conscious Creators I’ve met on my travels. These sites provide real value.

There are also some sites other sites that don’t quite fit into the CC Directory, but that I’d still like to spread the word about. And while the links below aren’t necessarily travel-related, they’ve made a positive impact on my life.




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