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A Birthday Surprise for Tui Snider, A Good Friend & Fellow Travel Writer

I’ve met a lot of people on my travels.

A lot.

But only a very small portion of those people end up becoming friends. (And that’s fine. I go for quality over quantity, anyway.)

Yet I don’t even have to be on the move to come into contact with quality people. Sometimes I meet people through the ‘net that I feel I was meant to meet. Rox is one example. Tom is another. Anne is another. (I could go on, especially if I started listing good friends who don’t have websites quite yet.)

And today I’d like to point out how thankful I am for my travel-writer friend, Tui. (You may remember her from my interview of her last year.) At first, I was going to send this to her privately, but I thought you might enjoy it as well. Since I know she wouldn’t have any problem with me sharing this, I’m going to give this word-based present to her publicly.

You see, today is her birthday, and I’d like to dedicate this to her.

To Tui Snider, my long-time Texan friend:

Totally off the grid
I’ve heard you say you lived
Nearly blown up once, too.
Yet you could still forgive

San Juan Island Adventure
I’m so glad you survived!
The world needs your cryptic notes
And the resulting “Hypothetical Pie”

Thanks for being fully You
(And such a creative cook)
Your sunny attitude is uplifting
I look forward to your book!

Can’t believe a simple blog carnival
Is where from all this stemmed
I feel so blessed to know you
And call you my good friend


By the way, while you’re here, feel free to say “Hi” to her on Twitter. She loves hearing friendly twitter messages and is an all-around terrific human being.

And if you happen to catch this within a couple days of its original publishing date, why not wish her a happy birthday, too? :)

A Strange Desert Flower (A Poem for Travellers)

The desert can change you. If you let it.

Even though it was nearly November when I arrived in Las Vegas, a surprising number of desert plants were in bloom, their radiant colors speckled across the rocky landscape. In light of this, I’ve written a poem about the beauty I found, and a surprising similarity that I only realized much later.

— — — — — — —

We rise above red granite
Blooming under desert stars
Now thriving on solid ground
Our petals red as Mars

A weary traveller draws near
And admires us for a while
Watching bees in pollination
We see he can’t help but smile

We rise above red granite
Yet our blooms are sadly fleeting
Our time short upon this planet
The season is retreating

A weary traveller departs
What is his unending quest?
Is it his way of improving?
Perhaps loose roots are blessed

We rise above red granite
Did he grasp our unique powers?
Ever changing, always moving
What a strange Desert Flower

— — — — — — —

Yellow & Red Desert flowers

Bee inside Yellow desert flower

Bee in Orange Desert flower

Orange desert blooms and green leaves

— Bonus —

Marco appears in all 6 photos in the accompanying photo gallery. If you’re new to the “Where’s Marco” game, it’s similar to “Where’s Waldo” or “I Spy”, and it’s totally fun!

Learn how to play —>
Then find him in the photos! —>

Coming up Next:

I explore one more landmark in Las Vegas before I continue onward to Denver: The legendary Red Rock Canyon. And in the process, I found more perspective than I bargained for:

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— — —
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